The Extended Family of Harold Godwinson

Harold Godwinson was born around 1022 and died at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. In January 1066 he had become King of England following the death of Edward the Confessor. Harold Godwinson was one of eleven children. He married twice and had seven children. Listed below are the known members of the family of Harold Godwinson with dates where known.


The Family of Harold Godwinson

Harold Godwinson from the Bayeux Tapestry


Wulfnoth Cild of Sussex (died 1014) – Father of Earl Godwin

Thorkel Sprakling – Father of Gytha Thorkelsdottir



Godwin Earl of Wessex (1001-1053) – Father

Gytha Thorkelsdottir (997-c1067) – Mother



Sweyn Godwinson (1020 – 1052)

Edith of Wessex (1025 – 1075)

Tostig Godwinson (1026 – 1066)

Gyrth Godwinson (1032 – 1066)

Leofwine Godwinson (1035 – 1066)

Wulfnoth Godwinson (1040 – 1094)

Alfgar Godwinson (dates unknown)

Edgiva of Wessex (dates unknown)

Elgiva of Wessex (d. c. 1066)

Gunhilda of Wessex (d. 1087)



Haakon Sweynson (b. 1046) – son of Sweyn Godwinson, mother unknown

Skuli Tostigson (dates unknown) – son of Tostig Godwinson and Judith of Flanders

Ketil Tostigson (dates unknown) – son of Tostig Godwinson and Judith of Flanders



Edyth Swanneck (d. c1086) – married by handfasting ceremony

Ealdgyth of Mercia (dates unknown) – married in Christian ceremony



by Edyth Swanneck

Godwin Haroldson (dates unknown)

Edmund Haroldson (dates unknown)

Magnus Haroldson (dates unknown)

Gunhilda Haroldsdottir (dates unknown)

Gytha Haroldsdottir (dates unknown)

by Ealdgyth of Mercia

Harold Haroldson (1067 – c1100)

Ulf Haroldson (dates unknown)


Son in Law

Vladimir II of Kiev (1053 – 1125) – married Gytha Haroldsdottir



by Gytha

Mstislav the Great (1076 – 1132)

Izyaslav of Kursk (d. 1096)

Svyatoslav of Smolensk (d. 1114)

Yaropolk of Kiev (d. 1139)

Viacheslav of Kiev (d. 1154)