1066 Timeline of Events


1066 Timeline

Three Kings, Two Invasions and Three Battles

1066 Timeline Battle of Hastings

1066 Timeline

1066 (4th or 5th January)

King Edward the Confessor dies, leaving the English throne’s succession unclear.

1066 (6th January)

The Witan considers claimants to the throne, ultimately crowning Harold Godwinson as King Harold II.

1066 (mid-January)

William of Normandy learns of Harold’s coronation and begins preparations for an invasion.

1066 (March)

Halley’s comet appears, considered a bad omen by the Anglo-Saxons.

1066 (Spring)

Harold stations militia along the South coast and on the Isle of Wight in anticipation of William’s challenge.

1066 (5th May)

Tostig Godwinson, Harold’s brother, raids the South Coast with ships provided by Count Baldwin V of Flanders.

1066 (20th May)

William makes a case against Harold to the Pope, securing papal backing for the Norman Conquest.

1066 (4th August)

William’s fleet is ready, but he delays sailing, possibly due to weather or awaiting the harvest season.

1066 (8th September)

Harold disbands his troops, believing it’s too late for William to cross the Channel.

1066 (8th September)

Harald Hardrada and Tostig invade England, landing at the mouth of the River Tyne.

1066 (11th September)

Harold learns of the Norwegian invasion and recalls his troops to march north.

1066 (20th September)

Battle of Fulford sees Norwegians defeat Earls Edwin and Morcar.

1066 (24th September)

York falls to Hardrada.

1066 (25th September)

Battle of Stamford Bridge sees Harold defeat and kill Hardrada and Tostig.

1066 (28th September)

William lands at Pevensey, beginning the Norman Conquest.

1066 (30th September – 1st October)

William moves base camp to Hastings for better food supply.

1066 (1st October)

Harold learns of the Norman invasion and rushes south with his army.

1066 (14th October – 7:00 a.m.)

Harold learns that William is marching north and moves his troops to Senlac Hill.

1066 (14th October – 9:00 a.m.)

The Battle of Hastings begins with a fanfare of trumpets.

1066 (14th October – 5:00 p.m.)

Harold is killed, and William secures victory.

1066 (15th October)

William refuses to hand over Harold’s body for gold. The Witan proclaim Edgar Aetheling king.

1066 (25th December)

After receiving the submission of Edgar Aetheling and the Witan, William is crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey.